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Dc vs. Marvel

Let the Games Begin!

DC vs. Marvel
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Multiple universes were colliding. It would only be a matter of time when the nexus would allow one to come to a strange blank point of non-space and non-time, where amazing characters from stories untold would be able to meet each other in friendship...or in combat.

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Welcome to DC vs. Marvel, a place to duke it out with characters you'd otherwise probably never meet. The nexus will bring you to an empty white space, where settings and weapons can be called up at will. You can fight with as many or as little as you wish, engage in a fierce melee or have a silent duel.

The Judges:
DC Universe: Batman
Marvel: The Scarlet Spider
Misc Comics: Open

And now...the universe-spanning rules:

1. Even though the main theme is DC vs. Marvel, people from other comic-type places can join.

2. The Winner of the fight will be decided by RP skill and general flow of the story. In other words, the better you describe your fight, the interesting things you do to get out of sticky situations, and likewise, will help you actually win the fight. (Because folks, if we left it up to whomever, these things would never end...never, I tell you.) If you don't want to have a judge decide the winner, please post it somewhere in the beginning of the fight in bold.

Example: Please no judging.

2. Three mods will place a vote on who wins. One mod from DC, one from Marvel, and one from Misc. Comics. The mods will list reasons why they voted for such and such, so that one can see that it's not just bias. (Example: Marvel always voting for Marvel and that's that.) If mods are in the fight and most likely on opposite sides, the audience judging will be the basis of who wins (in the case that they want judging). There will be room for up to 20 votes before voting is closed for this situation.

3. The audience can place a vote as well, and the mods might consider an overwhelming urge from the audience. Votes will be in bold, please, so we can scroll down quickly to find them. It would be nice to elaborate on your decision, with comments on how one may improve or why you liked such and such.

Example: You know, I think Wolverine did the best, etc. I vote for Wolverine.

4. Only fights between 2-4 people will be judged, melee fights with lots of multiple characters will just be a little too complicated to have a single victor, and will be just for fun. Audience members may vote if they wish, but the mods will not judge. If it is between two groups (JLA vs. Avengers, etc) then those may be judged, counted as the (2-4) people rule.

5. Please be considerate what you say when you vote, please don't just gang up on people and be like "Oh, such and such character sucks anyway so whatever." Or "I believe this person can't RP worth anything so why bother."

6. Be careful of GODMODING, as in a place like this, it might get to be a sticky problem with the types of characters available. For example, some character is all-powerful and kills all the other characters. Or one character summons up a billion ninjas and guns. Keep in mind, would you want someone doing that to your character? Please remember to not make other people's actions for them as well. Let them 'accept' the damage to their character if they wish, or dodge the attack if they wish. If in doubt, just ask them in a quick Out-of-Character post if it was okay to do such and such. It looks like this if you haven't seen it before. ((OOC: Is it okay when I did that...))

7. The fight can be as long or as short as you wish, but the voting will begin around 20 or so posts. If you feel that the fight has ended early, please feel free to contact one of the mods.

8. If there's any dispute over anything, as if you think the voting was unfair, please feel free to say so in the OOC Community and we will explain why we voted as we voted, etc.

9. Please keep anything adult under an lj-cut with a warning.

Characters and Application

1. There can be Two of each character, and they can fight each other. *Rubs hands evilly*

2. Heroes and Villains alike may apply from any comic book universe.

2. Please apply Here with this form:

Characters Name:
Characters LJ:
Origin: (Universe)
Character Traits:
RP Example:

Everyone must join the OOC Community.

Character List Coming Soon