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There was that familiar stomach-lurch, and all was white. The nexus-thing was really getting to Bruce, but this, he had not seen before. A totally white space, almost like the construct in that one Matrix movie. But did he care at the coolness of it all? Of course not. He wished he was back home, patrolling Gotham's rooftops. That was what calmed him down, relaxed him.

In an instant, it was there. The white had transformed itself into what had appeared in his mind. The wind, the feel of the concrete under his black boots, the smell--it was all there. He looked around through his cowl, surprised. The cape whipped around as he stood still. Was it real? Deep down, he knew it wasn't. This was some kind of simulation...he betted if he had somehow knocked down the building he was perched upon, then came back home through the nexus--it would show no sign of damage. But what was this creepy place for, anyway?

He would find an answer soon.
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03 October 2005 @ 10:28 am
As you can see, I'm the only mod on here, so if you're interested in being the Marvel mod or the Misc comics mod, please post here with the following:

Character name:
Character's LJ:
Two or more examples of Rping:
RP communities you're involved with:

If we have more people interested in this commun., there might be an opening for two of each. Two DC, etc.

Please keep in mind that the mod has to be very active!
03 October 2005 @ 09:40 am
Characters Name: Batman/Bruce Wayne

Characters LJ: detectivebats

Origin: DC Universe

Backstory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman

Character Traits: Cold, calculating, suspicious, paranoid
RP Example: The batcave was dark, quiet, and the only sound was the typing of a computer and the rustle of 10,00 bats. It was the way he liked it. Bruce leaned his head on his hand, elbow nearly slipping of the slick console of the famed bat-computer, while waiting for the application to begin. It was close, very close to finding the signal that Wally--Flash had asked him to find. Instead of asking Alfred to take care of it for him, he decided to make his way back to Gotham and do it himself. Wasn't far when you had your own jet, anyway.
"Query completed. Approx. location--" the computer droned. "--Abandoned warehouse, 54th street and Walkin Ave, Keystone City. Formerly owned by Thomkins and Son Corp."

Bruce typed in something else, signs of lethargy gone.

"Company logo: A question mark."

Perfect. Obvious, but then again, most of the time, it was.

Bruce's handsome face was contorted with concentration, as he typed in something else, and hit a button.

"Wally," he spoke, the computer automatically sending invisible signals through the air.

"I found the location."